The Derek M. Baylis

Derek M BaylisThe Derek M. Baylis is 65-foot auxiliary-powered sailing research vessel built to U.S. Coast Guard Subchapter T specifications.

The vessel was named after a man who was a mentor to the designers and contributed his expertise to several marine institutions in the Monterey Bay area. The vessel has a rear deck like a trawler, living quarters crafted in a modern yacht style, and uses wind as its primary fuel. The Baylis was specifically designed and constructed to provide a comfortable, fast and eco-friendly vessel for research and education.

The Baylis can be operated quietly, economically and emit zero pollution, making DMB specially suited for non-obtrusive monitoring. We carry up to 24 passengers comfortably on day trips, and 10 passengers on more extended voyages. The large cargo capacity, removable transom, stern-mounted titanium A-frame, and 22-foot long aft deck facilitate easy deployment of a wide range of gear.

Our vessel’s USCG T specifications are meant to keep you safe with minimal impact to the environment. The Baylis has crash bulkheads forward and amidships, a high-pressure fire suppression and pumping system, MSD Type I waste disposal, minimal gray water disposal and no open flames. If power is required, we have a 24 & 12-volt DC/115-volt AC system augmented by a 6KW generator. The efficient auxilliary 100hp turbo-diesel has a cruising range of 1100 nautical miles at 10 knots under power. Under sail, the vessel’s range is limited only by provisioning.

Derek M. Baylis Specifications
Length: 64′ 11″
Displacement: 35,000 lbs
Length Waterline: 57′ 6″
Beam: 14′ 9″
Sail Area: 2000 sq. ft. in main and mizzen
Ballast: 11,500 lbs
Draft: 8′ 3″
Mast Height: 79′
Design: WylieCat 65

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